SIR - Many years ago, when my great friend Ian Plant was the editor of the Craven Herald, there were so many articles about caving and potholing that we referred to the paper as the "The Caving Herald."

It was therefore great to see a full page article about Birks Fell Cave.

During the summer of 1968 two 18-year-old schoolboys, myself and John Yeadon, who both lived in Salisbury Street, Skipton, at the time and were members of The Kendal Caving Club, were busy on weekends digging in Birks Fell Cave.

On the Wednesday prior to the Craven Pothole Club claiming a breakthrough on the following Sunday, after several hours digging in the low crawl, I finally broke through into the fine stream passage beyond.

We are finally getting the records corrected and the next edition of "Northern Caves:Wharfedale" will have the addition of the Kendal Caving Club as one of the original discoverers of the extension to Birks Fell Cave.

Jim Wilcock, Kendal Caving Club, Ramsbottom