SIR - Tom Clinton wonders if A J A Smith is living on Planet Zog (Craven Herald Letters, May 24) for suggesting that “approximately 220,000” annual net migrants to the UK would need somewhere to live and thus put pressure on national housebuilding programmes affecting all areas – even Craven.

The official net migration rate in the year to September 2017 is officially quoted as 244,000 and as A J A Smith quoted the current annual average figure of 220,000 he would appear to be correct.

We all know how in 2004 the Labour government opened the door to immigration from Poland and seven other Eastern European states, while other countries such as Germany and France imposed restrictions.

The Labour government forecast a relatively small annual influx — of between 5,000 and 13,000. Within five years, nearly a million had arrived!

Would Mr Clinton with his unique insight of planetary knowledge be able to enlighten us as to exactly which planet the Labour government inhabited at the time?

Richard Potter, Bradley