SIR - I was delighted to read your front page article (May 24) regarding the state of the bridge on Keighley Road which belongs to Network Rail but is such an eyesore... and a potential danger, should pigeon droppings land in a child's eye or onto a car windscreen causing the vehicle to lose vision, the driver of a car behind striking it would have,

then, caused an accident through absolutely no fault on his/her part.

Just one minor clarification: my wife raised the issue at the Town Meeting which was held prior to the

Council Meeting at which I was elected as Town Mayor, so she was not, at that point, my Consort but simply a concerned member of the public.

I raise this as I would not wish anyone to gain the impression that she had a right to be heard because of my 'status', when that right belongs to every resident of our beautiful - but marred - town.

It is the hope of the Town Council that Network Rail would meet its obligation before any incident which may lead to potential legal action.

Councillor Alan Hickman