SIR - I would like to second the letter written by Andy Shackleton ('Action needed over parking problems', June 14) regarding the parking situation in the Town Head area of Settle.

I have a relative who lives up there and they tell me it's quite unpleasant living in that area because of the free-for-all parking for all members of the public.

They park where they want for as long as they want and very often residents can't park, which is unacceptable, and no one seems to care or police it.

Very often at the hill going up vehicles are double parked and on the pavement, which causes obstructions.

Emergency vehicles would struggle to get up as it's so narrow in places.

There was land up there which would have been ideal for car parking, and right next to the doctor's surgery and health centre. But that is now full of houses!

There has obviously been no proper forward planning regarding this area of Settle and the impact all these vehicles have on the local residents, which is unacceptable.

When I go up there you often see Whitefriars car park half empty and Town Head is full!

R Smith, Settle