SIR - Cllr Hickman has perhaps forgotten those wise words, “When in a hole, stop digging”.

He presumes ('Mayor responds to criticisms of actions', Craven Herald letters, June 21) that I am the one making allegations concerning his political actions regarding a second ‘Brexit’ vote, but then accuses me of ‘not making the allegation open’.

I cannot understand why he should think that publication in your respected organ is akin to keeping a matter secret – but no doubt he has his reasons.

But let’s get the role of a councillor clear, shall we?

There is no ‘clocking on’ or ‘clocking off’ for a councillor, much less the council’s figurehead, the Mayor, every public display you make will reflect on the council.

However much you want a second referendum, as sported on your wear, as Mayor your actions will be noted, and should accord with the position of the people of the town.

The position of Town Mayor is a non-political, civic role, and if you do not like such restrictions, perhaps you might like to reconsider acceptance of the Mayor’s role.

You seem to forget that matter also in the case of the ‘White Poppies’, where the Craven Herald, and fortunately every other councillor, has a better grasp of the situation than do you, Mayor Hickman.

But sometimes I am wrong, and ask others for advice. In this case I asked my father, at 93 years of age, and the recipient of the Chevalier of the Légion d'Honneur after joining the Black Watch in 1940, when aged 15.

I regret that his answer would not, in my opinion, be published in this family newspaper. I forgave him for that, he is, after all, an old soldier.

Alan Perrow, Bannister Walk, Cowling