SIR - It is with a great deal of sadness combined with anger that I learn that both the Yorkshire Dales National Park (YDNP) and the RSPB have withdrawn their objections to the development of a holiday park on the Hellifield Flashes.

We already have an established site at the Flashes that is a known haven for wintering wildfowl, wading birds and this summer for tree sparrows, another endangered species.

Add to this the great crested newts and associated wildlife, it is a village asset that should be treasured.

The intention of development of Long Preston Deeps for wildlife in the future is to be lauded, but not at the expense of another habitat. Two sites are better than one.

What happened to the idea of wildlife corridors of which the Hellifield Flashes is clearly an established part of Ribblesdale? It is easily accessed and would require little in management to make it an even more attractive site for nature, much less effort than the Long Preston Deeps.

The planning application has been in place since December 2015. I wonder what inroads have been made with Craven Council?

If planning is allowed, the people of Hellifield will have the Flashes obliterated with no benefit at all for the people or the village.

It is an entirely inappropriate development for the area. They will also lose a rich natural habitat as well as the established rights of way across the Flashes that allow us to enjoy this at close quarters.

It is also a Flash for a reason, part of the floodplain, and the amount of hard standing and drainage required will lead to flooding problems.

I have been a long-time member of the RSPB, first as a member of the Young Ornithologists Club (YOC) in the 1960s. I have now torn up my membership card and will be informing headquarters at Sandy of my decision and disgust at their attitude.

Similarly, I have been a not-infrequent supporter of the National Park, but not a penny will they get from me in future.

John Pearson, Beech Court, Hellifield