SIR - Recently, I was sent the newspaper cutting, taken from the Craven Herald, of the pupils of Earby Junior School, in 1955, from a childhood friend, who lives in Skipton.

What a wonderful surprise, as I was one of those young pupils and had long forgotten most of my classmates in Earby....with the exception of Colin Wiggin, Margaret Vipond, who if I'm not mistaken was the daughter of the tobacconist on Victoria Road and Roger Wormwell, from Wentcliff Drive, whose mother often made me roast beef sandwiches, with raw onions soaked in vinegar, while I watched their prized TV.

Long lost memories of the lovely Miss Duxbury, Mrs Clements, who played the 'Dambusters' to us on her piano for the morning assembly and Mr Claire, who often walked with me to school in the morning.

It was from this school and with the encouragement of these teachers, that I passed my 11+ and to Grammar School, for which I will always be grateful.

I'm sure that all of us, still remember 'Nitty Nora, the biddy explorer' who checked us out on a regular basis.

We all sat very quietly with hands on our heads, while reciting our times tables, which will never be forgotten, even after all these years.

As young kids, we didn't have any of the advantages of today's young people.

However, I can almost guarantee that we all remember our school days at this School, as a wonderful experience.

I can only say a huge thank you to Colin and for you for publishing this lovely old photo.

Susan (Calvert) Fischer, Germany