SIR - I was away for Bradford City's 1-0 win against Burton so I listened to a bit of Radio 5 Live that night. I heard Kelly Cates talking about Norwich's new all pink away changing room for quite a while. She then later didn't even read out City's score right saying it was 1-1.

Kelly explained that the pink room may be good because it will reduce the male characteristics of the players, making them more girly and less testosterone driven, to the advantage of the home team.

Is this true? And if so, generally, is this what this pink revolution is about?

In my view there is nothing wrong with being male or having testosterone. And this apparent subliminal attempt to make us believe this, or to have masculinity removed from our society is weird, sinister and dangerous. And why more people aren't questioning this isn't clear.

As for cancer charities, however well intentioned they are, does wearing pink or growing a moustache really make people donate more cash? Because if it does, the world really is strange.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon