SIR - What a mess! The new station forecourt at the Bradford Interchange is another transport challenge for Bradfordians. We have what is probably the most expensive, unreliable, urban transport system in the developed world and now it is even more difficult to use the local rail station? The transport planners have failed to link the two stations together with its recognised economic advantages and convenience for the city. Bradford suffers from its disgrace of an inaccessible airport- out to fleece the travellers. It is much easier to access a more friendly airport like Manchester from Huddersfield. The City is the Capital of cycling but they have no cycle racks on the buses so that a trip to Queensbury or the other highpoints would mean that you can cycle home downhill.

The mess at the Interchange means that it is neigh on impossible to park at the station to collect tickets before you travel and avoid the queues for the machines, or to meet someone coming on the train. Dropping off means that you leave them to struggle with their luggage. What a mess. It undermines the case for a new city centre HS2 rail station.

Yours weeping for poor Bradford;

John Baruch

Greenside Cottage,