SETTLE and Giggleswick are wonderful places to live, no more so than now in the midst of this pandemic.

Just look at what is still going on. The Flowerpot men and women have recently reappeared cheering things up no end. Mike Harding has produced a booklet 'The Pebbles of Settle and Giggleswick'.

These appeared without notice to celebrate the NHS and all the emergency services. His namesake (though not as I understand related) Ann Harding has worked wonders to promote the Victoria Hall through the lockdown. If you have not visited the buffet set up on the land to the rear of the hall do so. Open Monday to Saturday. Covered areas protect you from the worst of the weather which has done its worst this past week.

There are so many people here who have buckled down to assist others less able. The one sad note is the bikers who appear oblivious to social distancing and a minority of which keep the emergency services on their toes, as if they had not enough to do.

Bob Swallow