A BOOK I was recommended to read was, 'The boy, the mole, the fox, and the horse' by Charlie Mackesy.

It is a book based around love friendship and kindness, and I would recommend it to anyone, especially at this difficult time.

It is indeed a time of change and confusion, when, from one day to the next, we don't know if we are coming or going.

I found the book very comforting and thought provoking in its down to earth style. This passage spoke to me in particular and it might be helpful to some of you.

“When dark clouds come....keep going. When big things feel out of control.....focus on what you love right under your nose. This storm will pass.”

During this time of Covid 19 we have lost friends, loved ones, jobs and the list goes on. However there has been so much love friendship and kindness around in families and communities and this love is right under our nose. People have found a heart for others, a love which helps them to reach out to people in distress. As a Christian I am sure this is the love of God at work. When all else is lost God is still there, and will stay with us. God's unconditional love is at work through the storms of life.

It is powerful and changes life for better.

Remember God's love is always with us, it will help us, and will never leave us, even through the storm and beyond. Value the love friendship and kindness which may be under your nose that you just haven't noticed.

Rev Jenny Savage