STAND up Michael Murray and take a bow. You are my hero.

Craven Council employee Michael had just finished his day's work as a litter picker and was on his way home in Skipton when he came across my shoulder bag lying on the pavement.

The stitching on the shoulder strap had unravelled and the bag fell off my shoulder without me noticing it fall.

Inside was over £40, my driving licence and a bank and credit card.

Michael looked inside the bag and found a card with my name and phone number on. He immediately rang my home to report his find to my partner at about the same time I had realised it was missing and was racing home.

To say I was relieved was an understatement and Michael also insisted on delivering the bag to our home, which he did within half an hour.

I cannot thank Michael enough. His honesty is refreshing in these hard times and public recognition through Letters to the Editor is the least he deserves.

I have also sent a letter to the Craven Council offices in the hope he will receive the thanks and appreciation of his employers.

Maureen Morrissey