I READ with interest your series of opinions regarding Government’s proposed planning changes (Craven Herald, August 13).

As stated, these changes will have far reaching implications, particularly for rural areas such as Craven, and could lead to much-needed social homes for families being scrapped.

That is why it felt like an odd choice for the Craven Herald to only seek the opinions of seven middle-aged white men whose thoughts, while interesting, reflect a narrow perspective and reinforced the idea that women are somehow less able to comment on Government policy.

Women make up the majority of lead social housing tenants, and two in three housing benefit claimants and will be affected by these changes disproportionally and there are many talented women in the area who would be more than capable of giving their opinion about these changes.

Nobody wants tokenism but as a writer for the Financial Times said when it decided to end men-only panels, “impressive women can be found all over, with no question of diluting standards… nor, in my experience, is there any need to look for specifically “women’s voices” — just people who know what they are talking about and can do it well.”

Hopefully next time the Craven Herald can try a little harder to find a few of these women.

Alex Peters-Day