IN recent weeks, letters have appeared in the Craven Herald about the way that a pedestrian is easily startled by a passing cyclist who gives no warning of approach.

I readily appreciate the pedestrian's point of view, and always call out a warning before cycling past pedestrians.

The snag is that the pedestrian can be startled by the warning, as happened to to me last week, when the pedestrian panicked, and could not decide whereabouts to be, even though I had said "cyclist coming past on your left".

My attempts to pass on the left were thwarted, and I just went off the edge of the tarmac where my front wheel came to a sudden halt, and I ended up on the road, concussed.

At least my helmet shows evidence of taking the brunt of the blow.

So what is the message here?

If you are walking in the road because there is no footpath, it does not make the road into a footpath.

It is still a road.

Don't wander across the full width, and leave space for passing traffic, and above all, follow Corporal Jones's advice and don't panic.

What about extendable dog leads?

No let's not go there.

So if you are out for a walk, and are startled by a cyclist passing without warning, the cyclist may be wearing a new helmet.

And finally, thanks to the staff of Ward 9 in Airedale Hospital for two days' TLC and a free Covid19 test (negative).

David Holdsworth