I'M running out of patience, getting beyond caring. "I'm worried"..."trend line going up"..."numbers rising"..."dangerous trajectory". These clips from the weekend CV19 press are now typical media exercises in scaring without offering anything of substance beneath.

Nowhere have I seen anything to tell me what percentage of those affected are slightly / moderately / seriously infected; how many of the latter survive with no trouble / survive but still feel unwell after months / die; and of those last two what sort of health issues they already had / didn’t have and how old / middle-aged / young they are.

All we’re given is meaningless but scary phrases like “N umbers are rising” and “trend line going up”.

My only concern now is the death rate and its percentage of those infected.

Just deeper and down, please. To be frank, any news that masses more people have CV19 anywhere doesn’t cut it for me any longer. "Spike in Bradford"? So? Maybe, just maybe all those Bradfordians are just mildly infected and are going to be absolutely fine again in 10 days' time, but we won’t be told this; it won’t even be hinted as a possibility. Let fear reign.

So, infection trend lines, increases in infections, migrating masses swept by the virus – I'm all out of caring any more. While still taking precautions when out, I now mentally replace CV19 with “heavy cold” in news reports – it puts a lot of clickbait into perspective, as well as easing my occasional disquiet in the supermarket.

Allan Friswell