IN this time of crisis, we expect our town council and councillors to be putting all their energy into promoting the well being and prosperity of Skipton and its people. Instead, unbelievably, we have the unedifying spectacle of a small group of councillors apparently focusing on their own petty grievances regardless of the damage and cost to the town, and the cost will be substantial if an employment tribunal is involved.

Two employees have already left. It will take time and money to replace them when the town council should be using its resources in promoting Skipton. We have to hope there will still be worthy applicants for the posts.

There appears to be a great need for “arbitration “ to get the town council and councillors working together again in a productive and civilised manner. I hope that they will consider a day of conciliatory training, air some problems and learn how to work again in a cooperative and courteous manner. This is the least that Skipton deserves.

Skipton is a small town. I suggest it would be a positive step if party politics were ignored. Everyone should be working for the same outcomes where party allegiance is unnecessary. Skipton has 16 councillors, one for every 1,000 residents. Perhaps this is too many for everyone to have a “major” role which might be a factor in the present poisonous atmosphere.

I hope that the council and councillors are mature enough to put their disagreements aside and focus on their one and only task - to work for the future prosperity of Skipton and its residents. We have put our trust in you. Now you must show us that you deserve that trust and end this sorry debacle.

Christine Walton