I SINCERELY hope that the council (Skipton Town Council) thinks long and hard before full pedestrianisation of the High Street, particularly in the light of the apparent chaos that has been created in many towns where pedestrians and cyclists have been given priority over vehicles – in many cases by restricting road widths/creating one-way streets that has resulted in drivers having to make lengthy detours to reach their destinations with disabled people particularly affected.

The problems that will be caused to bus operators have already been discussed in these pages.

I am not advocating a return to the sort of traffic problems seen prior to the opening of the bypass when traffic returning from Lakes/Morecambe and the Dales on a Sunday evening met at the end of Water Street, controlled by the flailing arms of a bobby on point duty, with queues back past Gargrave and Rylstone.

However, the High Street has been the main artery of the town for centuries and I wonder how it will look with no traffic at all, particularly on non-market days. The ability to pop into town on Tuesday or Thursday and be able to park on the setts (usually), attracts local residents who just want to visit one or two shops without having to pay in the car parks, and I would have thought that shopkeepers would wish this to continue.

The thought of there being no traffic at all creates visions of ghost town/tumbleweed, and there needs to be full consideration and discussion – with input from local residents – before any decisions are taken.

Julian Hide