I COULD not resist a wry smile upon noticing The Daily Telegraph front page headline (Saturday, September 12). 'Johnson: EU a threat to the integrity of the UK', while pondering the impossibility of PM Johnson's integrity ever coming under threat!

The biggest threat to the integrity of the UK comes not from the EU but from Johnson's Tory administration's inability to govern.

Instead of concentrating on delivering a service to UK citizens, acknowledging and addressing their never-ending litany of failures and u-turns, he and his cabinet's only notable success so far is in blaming everyone else for their incompetence.

Any attempt at responsible governance is undermined by diversionary headlining gestures, posturing designed to feed further his and his cabinet's over-inflated egos.

Ill-equipped second-rate politicians who, having gained their positions through toadyism, are determined to demonstrate that they know best whatever the cost to the country. Lives lost and livelihoods ruined in the process is unfortunate but not their responsibility.

To the Johnson government the prosperity and reputation of the UK does not matter anymore, nor does its standing with the rest of the world.

Personal ambition and performance get in the way when he could be entertaining his dwindling band of fanatical disciples.

Johnson's latest pantomime abomination is an open invitation to those wishing to replicate his cavalier attitude, to follow his example and break the law in a 'limited and specific way', with no regard for the damaging consequences that may follow.

Instead of bamboozling the public with empty, grandiose slogans, such as his futile promise of solving the Covid testing debacle with technology that does not exist (moonshot fantasy of carrying out 10 million tests per day when his government is incapable of achieving 200,000 tests after six months), Johnson would do the public a better service if he loaded himself and his bungling cabinet into a rocket designed by himself and, piloted by Cummings, set out on an adventure to the moon.

Normality would be restored and the integrity of the UK speedily resolved.

Philip Dent