THE only Covid-19 news is depressing news, of governmental failure or incompetence.

Giving us daily the numbers of new cases of CV19 tells us nothing except the number of new cases – no subsequent details of severity or recovery rates. Constantly wildly reacting to spikes in infections also tells us nothing. The media seem intent on keeping us all in a state of worry and fear.

Yet Covid or Covid-related deaths seem to have virtually disappeared from the media radar.

If it’s indisputably the case, we need to be told that death rates are now very low and falling, that most infections are relatively mild, that most people do recover pretty well – we need some encouragement, any fact-based encouragement to help us get through the blundering, mendacious, world-beating mess that Mr Johnson and his 'Wacky Races Team' have produced so far for so long.

Allan Friswell