I AM replying to Bernard Peel’s letter of September 17 denying the climate emergency and it being a UK issue.

Bernard explains that UK only contributes 2 per cent of the world’s C02 emissions and instead blames countries such as India and China.

What he fails to grasp as that we have handed production of almost all goods to these countries who are supplying based on our ever exhaustible demand for stuff.

We have simply transferred the problem elsewhere only to hold our hands up and claim it is not our fault and they are the ones that need to change. Here lies the problem.

Yes, we have to adapt but not in the way Bernard suggests. By realising that we each need to take responsibility for the destruction to the planet on an individual basis is how change begins, not by fudging figures as if they planet will somehow account for a false spreadsheet as MPs bury their heads in the sand.

The world’s richest 1 per cent of people cause twice the amount of Carbon Dioxide of that that the poorest 50 per cent produce. We are all responsible for our actions, what we buy, what we use, what we need, what we throw away or repair.

We have limited resources in the world and we need a circular economy where we reuse things not just look at a cheap throw away culture where we then blame other countries for the problem.

The ultimate consequences will be to us as a species if we do not stop accepting things as ok and cracking on. One day, maybe not in my lifetime, it will just be too late. There will be wars over fresh water and food shortages due to the lack of land and creatures who can pollinate.

As David Attenborough’s Extinction: The Facts programme explained we need an international treaty to fight the problem that humans have created.

The current situation IS an emergency in the scheme of evolutionary time line. If we wait till the fires are burning we are already dead.

Amy Brown