FURTHER to letters in the Craven Herald on the subject of Skipton Market, just spent a nice day again in Skipton (we spend a lot of time in Skipton, hence buying the Craven Herald for a number of years) and we and friends want to say what a pleasure it is to be able to see all the shops and the market stalls without being swept along with hoards of people and watching out for our small furry friends.

You have time to look round and absorb all the things on offer, just lately we’ve bought on each visit.

It’s also more accessible for wheelchairs and pushchair and a lot safer than two lanes of traffic thundering by all the time and all the fumes.

In fact with a lot more table and chairs outside at the moment, with good food and coffee it has quite a continental feel about it.

Long may it continue.

J&D Holliday, Stanningley, Pudsey