THE following is an open letter to the chief executive of Craven District Council.

I WRITE as a former resident of Barden regarding the dismissal of Councillor David Pighills.

I have always found David to be a hard working and diligent councillor, he helped us on a couple of occasions, giving his time freely and doing his best for his ward, I feel that he has been treated poorly by Craven Council.

Whilst I can't pretend to fully understand the rules and legalities of the case, a couple of things stand out to me.

Firstly, David was given no warning of his impending dismissal, and as I understand it was unaware there was a problem until after the fact, surely someone from the council could have picked up the phone and talked to him, especially given the current unprecedented situation we are in.

Secondly, how can it be that council officers, our public servants, can remove an elected councillor, leaving the people of Barden Fell ward with no representative for the foreseeable future?

Was this decision taken purely by council officers, or were other councillors consulted?

You have deprived the people of the area of a dedicated and valued councillor, seemingly with little in the way of consideration for either, I urge you to re-instate David without delay.

Tony Foster