"I AM a farmer and Brexit is a big concern" wrote Anthony Bradley, from Long Preston (Craven Herald letters, September 24) in a clear, valuable letter.

At present Britain sells 40 per cent of lambs to the EU. Mr Bradley has sold 75 per cent of this years lambs for “a smidgen under £80.” The current situation leads to high quality products and producers are content.

However , if Britain leaves the EU the World Trade Organisation (WTO) will require a tariff of 48 per cent.

Considering other costs and assuming continental buyers are “resistant to a price increase” , Mr Bradley is obliged to plan for a price in 2021 of £40 per lamb, unless the Government reaches agreement with the EU.

This would be "a problem of the highest order .Possibly existential.” for this farmer.

Not a “good outcome” as described by our poorly informed PM .

Why has this  danger to farmers from a no deal Brexit received so little informed comment in national media, including TV?

It is crucial in the economy of rural England , Scotland and Wales. Plenty of publicity has been given to fishermen; why not to hill farmers? Negotiations will close within weeks.

Robert Holland