FURTHER to my letter re diagnosis of prostate cancer and treatment by the NHS, (September 10) may I add further comments?

Since that initial appointment there has been a series of tests and treatments provided by that same wonderful asset to our nation at Airedale, Bradford Royal Infirmary and our local GP Surgery, including a bone scan, C.T. Scan, Covid Test and biopsy. I have been ministered to - always professionally and cheerily - by medical staff from seven or eight different ethnicities: all from different backgrounds but with the same one central passion: to care for all who come under their attendance, meeting their needs, irrespective of their circumstances - because we all matter to them.

How we need our immigrant contribution!

There have been periods of waiting (such as between administration of antibiotics and the required treatment) during which I have often dipped into the book recommended in your pages by Rev John Midgley, “Dear NHS, 100 stories to say Thank You”. Actually there are 109 because the book, like the NHS itself, provides more than it advertises!

How grateful I am that the design of those early visionaries was to create a service to provide healthcare for all “free at the point of need “.....not ‘affordable’ a largely meaningless term: everything is affordable to some whilst, at the same time, being far from that to many others. And that vision must be maintained and remain that way.

The NHS is the ‘jewel in the crown’, ’icing on the cake’, ‘cherry on the top’ or whatever superlative one cares to use. One of the contributors to that book (I will not divulge who......buy it for yourself and support the NHS charities) says that those who wish to privatise the NHS should have their heads and hearts examined, at their own expense!

Every Republican Member or Candidate for the US. Senate and Congress should be provided with a copy of that book

To that I add my Amen

Alan Hickman