FURTHER to Stephanie Carter's letter (Craven Herald, September 17) about the dangerous situation on Jerry Croft Skipton (adjacent to Skipton Town Hall).

This narrow, busy street without pavements has been lethal for pedestrians for many years.

I first contacted Craven District Council, Skipton Town Council, North Yorkshire County Council Highways and North Yorkshire Police about this in November 2012 and every November since then have sent emails to CDC and NYCC asking for a progress report.

They are adept at passing the buck , though NYCC are adamant that Jerry Croft is the responsibility of CDC. Unfortunately the Jerry Croft problem appears to have been kicked in to the long grass.

I now have a huge file of letters, emails, photos etc and evasive replies. In 2012 CDC missed a wonderful opportunity to obtain planning gain when Maple Grove developed the multi million pound Albion Place, without improving the access and exit to Skipton's main car park.

In 2015, CDC, at my request, commissioned an independent Risk Assessment by Sanderson's.

Their report made numerous safety recommendations, all ignored by CDC and NYCC.

There were particular concerns about coaches and HGVs.

Craven District Council are now spending £4.5 million 'improving' Skipton Town Hall, but not a penny on Jerry Croft.

Due to Covid 19 the High Street is now closed on market days and all traffic is diverted through Jerry Croft, a nightmare for all concerned but especially pedestrians attempting to follow the 2metre guidelines.

I do not pretend to know the answer to this problem but once again I urge CDC, NYCC, Skipton Town Council and NY Police to work together to find an early, permanent solution before it is too late.

Malcolm Keighley


A spokesperson for Craven District Council responded: "The council is currently in the process of installing signs to mark pedestrian-friendly routes around Skipton, encouraging people to use alternative routes to Jerry Croft.

This is part of the “Reopening High Streets Safely” project, funded by the Government and the European Regional Development Fund.

It is incorrect to say that all traffic is diverted through Jerry Croft when the High Street is closed on market days, as there are a number of signed diversion routes around the town.

There is also, in fact, a pavement on Jerry Croft, and the design of the road is similar to that used for other streets in the town centre where pedestrian and vehicles co-mingle.

It should also be noted that when the risk assessment was carried out in 2015, it found that between 2005 to 2013 there had been two recorded incidents on Jerry Croft, both involving pedestrians, both slight in severity.

Given the recent changes to the High Street due to Covid-19, including the closure of the High Street for market days, and the need for social distancing, we are currently reviewing the recommendations of the road safety risk assessment and pulling together an action plan along with costs associated, which will be considered."