IT was with absolute dismay, disappointment and extreme regret that Appletreewick Parish Council learned of the removal of David Pighills from his position as a Craven District Councillor representing our local parishes. We were appalled to learn that he had been removed for not attending Zoom meetings.

David Pighills has a very approachable and personable manner and is held in very high regard by our parish.

He has a genuine and passionate interest in local affairs and has been the very best local councillor we have ever had.

He has always supported us in seeking resolution of our local issues wherever he could assist, and has remained involved by following matters up to conclusion.

Since taking up the position he had attended every one of our parish council meetings and had always done his utmost to support our local concerns and issues.

We have always understood that David does not have a computer and is not computer literate, but to us this has never been an issue, as indeed, we are aware that many people in this area are in a similar position, and this has never proved at all detrimental in regards to David supporting our parishes.

Indeed, whilst the removal process accorded with the rules, these rules were made in normal times. We are not currently living in normal times and under normal rules. Surely during these terrible Covid times there could be flexibility over situations such as this.

Appletreewick Parish Council feel it is totally regrettable that the present unusual circumstances with a high dependence upon technology for communication should lead to his exclusion.

Appletreewick Parish Council would earnestly request that Craven District Council reconsider the decision.

Patrick Walker

Chairman, on behalf of Appletreewick Parish Council.