WITH reference to the Embsay and Eastby junction off the A65/A59, Skipton, this junction is in the Skipton Town Council ward I represent.

I have long campaigned for safety measures at this junction. I first wrote to the Craven Herald about it many years ago and I have followed this up more recently. I had an accident there in the early 90s and a colleague was very seriously injured in an accident there later in the 90s.

I am delighted at the action that has been taken in closing off the right turn into Harrogate Road which I suggested those many years ago and hope this will be made permanent as it removes one major hazard there.

However, I agree with others that the long term solution should be a roundabout. This will become even more necessary as more houses are built nearby. There is already planning permission for over 100 new houses close to the junction. Surely Section 106 should have been used to help pay for this.

John Dawson

Skipton Town Councillor, North Ward