I DID wonder whether or not it was worth me writing this letter - I doubt whether the selfish, ignorant motorists who shamefully disrupted the two – intended – “solemn” Remembrance occasions at Skipton War Memorial would be likely to digest any serious news content in the media.

Their own self-centred bubble instead probably being encapsulated with such luminaries as the celebrity field: Facebook, scratchcards and a bit of slapstick on the box.

Thus, probably unaware or even mildly interested as to whether or not Remembrance Sunday or Armistice day ever existed, let alone how many thousands of lives had been laid down so that those aforementioned disrupters can live in their over-privileged society of today.

Nobody was ever asking for a several hour delay, but surely a modest five or six minutes is not asking much in anyone’s life?

Socially distanced and with our heads all bowed, we will probably never know the identities of those disrespectful drivers as the roared around the cenotaph at around 11am on both days. But how befitting it would be to have a few of them named and shamed.

Roger Ingham