MONDAY, December, 7 sunny day, temperature 4 degrees.

Skipton High Street. Busy, approx one in four shops banks, cafes, chemists etc, appear to have their door(s) open to ventilate their buildings, which means that most of them aren’t bothering.

At long last the government have put more emphasis on this preventative measure. Don’t forget it took the scientists about four months to decide that face masks were a good idea after all!

We don’t have to have a degree in ventilation to know that in order to achieve a decent air change some through ventilation is needed (preferably not air conditioning).

So doors and windows open please front and back where possible.

Could Skipton Town Council’s ambassadors do more to remind shop managers etc about the importance of adequate ventilation?

I’ve just spoken to Skipton Hospital and suggested that do exactly this at the blood testing department, it’s the the second time I’ve had to suggest they open some of their windows in the waiting room, and been told it’s a good idea!

So come on shop and cafe managers, let’s all do our bit to avoid the 'Third Wave'. Surely you don’t want to be closed for another month in the New Year!

And don’t forget to sit granny next to the open window on Christmas Day

David Allison