FOLLOWING on from the issues raised by Paul Redshaw (Steeton/Silsden road crossing, Craven Herald letters, December 10) traffic speed is indeed an issue as is visibility between pedestrians and traffic on the roundabout.

Drivers on the dual carriageway seem to expect to have free passage across the junction.

Why not slow them down by removing that expectation?

Has the feasibility study looked at installing traffic lights on all approaches to the roundabout which could include specific pedestrian light controlled crossings where most needed? Alternatively, replace the roundabout altogether with a light controlled junction which would improve visibility. (Admittedly a more expensive and disruptive solution in terms of the civils work, but should be compared to cost/time for underpass or bridge.) Doubtless there would be teething troubles whilst the best phasing of the lights is worked out for traffic flow at different times of day but it should be possible to provide a flat crossing place which cyclists can negotiate safely without generating traffic gridlock.

What do cyclists think of these alternatives?

Mary Peet