THANK YOU Julian Smith (Skipton MP) for fielding so many communications through the pandemic.

I know I have written to you on a number of subjects, most being Covid related but the most pressing of which has been visiting in care homes. In mid November the government promised meaningful visits inside care homes before Christmas.

Relatives were to use the lateral flow tests and after testing negative,would be allowed inside the care home with PPE but finally able to sit beside our loved ones, without a screen, hold their hand and give them a hug.

All very important things for residents who have been without family contact for nine months.

We were also promised care home residents would be the highest priority category for vaccinations. When it comes down to delivering either however, the lateral flow tests are too inaccurate (British Medical Journal) statistics show fewer than 50 per cent tests show a positive result compared with the PCR lab tests) to be able to rely on them and the stability of storing and transporting the vaccine means that the first batch was delivered in the community not to care home residents.

There is no date for the next delivery of Pfizer vaccines and the Astra Zeneca vaccine has just been approved. The government has once again delivered empty promises in what is basically just a public relations exercise.

Time is precious for us all but even more so for those in care homes, every day that passes without contact is painful, damaging and lost.

I beg Julian Smith to show his incredible sympathy for this situation by asking in Parliament without delay for access to the PCR lab tests for relatives of residents in care homes and to tell us please when will the next batch of vaccines be available.

Karen Darvell