SKIPTON Hospital was comparable to a military operation on Thursday in the battle against the Covid-19 virus.

The initial vaccination phase centred on the senior citizens, or directly those the wrong side of eighty years of age. Being well into that age area there is a slight amount of trepidation at the thought of someone sticking a needle in one’s arm.

As a traveller from Ilkley the fog and ice was a daunting thought but eased while cruising down Keighley Road. Turning into the main hospital car park was the first revelation. Two attendants armed with clipboards checked my appointment letter (a phone call had already set the wheels in motion). As I was fifty minutes early I was directed to a nearby staff car park by a young lady.

Thirty minutes later the same person came down and directed me to another parking area then onto the vaccination area park.

The control system worked like a dream. The system was supported by A4 size printed numbers to identify movements in the car parks. After a few minutes another attendant escorted me into the vaccination room where I was identified about medicines, allergies etc.

As for the vaccination the nurse wielding the syringe had to tell me the job was done. I did not feel a thing apart from her warm hand holding my almost frozen arm. After eighteen minutes elapsed I was free to go. The time was set to allow for anyone who may suffer a reaction. All I can say is top marks to all at Skipton Hospital. All involved deserve a medal.

Barry Robinson

(former hospital engineer Middleton Hospital)