I AGREE with Bernard Peel's recent letter (Politics, geography and mountain tops, Craven Herald, December 31).

He raises some interesting questions regarding the local geographical names of various places in our area. I think a much bigger question surrounds the definition of "The Northern Region" e.g where is its single southern border? It seems to be a definition born out of George Osborne's creation of the "Northern Powerhouse" which he launched in 2015 when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer. Is this some kind of "shadow" federation? Where is there a role for the involvement of the communities of Northern Communities who live and work here?

Should all the Metropolitan/ District Councils etc form a singular regional body to administer the future prospects of their region?

Clearly the time is not right to get bogged down with this idea.

But is anybody even thinking about how this Northern Region and its communities can best be served in the future?

Tom Clinton