ALL I have been hearing for the last year is moans about the inefficiency of the NHS and serious illnesses being neglected due to the Covid pandemic.

All I can conclude is that my experience took place in a parallel universe - from contacting my GP in September to having an operation to sort out prostate cancer on New Year's Eve the whole process was quick and efficient.

From my GP in Settle through Airedale hospital, St Luke's and the Royal Infirmary at Bradford, from the consultants and surgeons down to the ward staff I have been treated with alacrity, professionalism, empathy, warmth, kindness and even considering the seriousness of the situation some much needed humour.

Even with all the pressures and dangers of the current situation everyone still had a smile and words of encouragement for a grumpy old bugger who knows he's not the best of patients.

To all of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You won't be forgotten.

Paul Morley

Long Preston