I THINK I have found a useful trick to stop one's glasses steaming up when trying to read labels on foodstuffs in supermarkets etc.

I wear variafocal glasses and always keep an older pair, in case I damage or lose my latest pair.

I got my older pair out of the drawer and pushed one of the lenses from the frame, leaving the one lens that seemed the best.

I put my mask on, then the glasses, and found that the remaining lens did not steam up.

If there was slight misting, I directed my expiration towards the side of the mask that had no lens.The same method could be used with 'old' reading glasses.

People might argue that the mask was not on tight enough, as it allowed some slight escape of breath past the side with no lens, but we know the mask has to allow breath in and out, and does not filter everything, just catches larger droplets. This method is probably safer than pushing your mask down below your nose when things start fogging up.

Paul Jacques.