ON Monday, January18, I received a phone call from a charming helpful lady asking if myself and my wife would like to have the the coronavirus vaccine.

I immediately said we would; she then informed us to attend Long Lee Medical Centre in Keighley at 4.45pm on Wednesday, January 20.

On arrival, we were met by helpful marshals in the car park. On entering the surgery we were met by a very helpful young lady who helped us register, and then took us to the treatment rooms where we met two totally efficient, very professional people who explained the procedure to us and then administered the jab.

Sent from my iPad, they then asked us to sit in the waiting room for 15 minutes to see if we had any reaction. Then, off we went 16 or 17 minutes from start to finish; an amazing experience. Everyone we met was a total credit to themselves and to the NHS

On returning home and putting on the television, I was met by the usual 'spurge' of negativity and bad news, and opposition parties trying to gain political points.

A lot of people just don’t seem to get it. Our backs are up against the wall, everybody should be pulling the same way .

Unfortunately the government are damned if they do and damned if the don’t .

Most people I speak to think they are doing a good job under terrible circumstances.

So to finish, thank you again to everyone at Long Lee medical centre

Richard and Margaret Wellock