I WAS fascinated to read David Aynesworth's letter (Craven Herald, January 27 and online) about the Chinese Restaurant in Middle Row Skipton.

He mentioned that when Heppers moved in to 76 High Street they found a lot of letterheads concerning The Celebrated Pork Pie Shop.

Stanforths originally had one of the two shops on Millbridge, the other was a Post Office.

The pies etc. were all made in a house on Park Street, where I lived for a few years in the 1980s. They took over the shop next door and then all the pies were made on the premises and the Post Office moved onto Raikes Road.

No 76 High Street was at one time owned by Harry Bean (Pork Butcher) when he retired Stanforths took over the shop until Heppers moved in.

Brian Fisher