I THINK the church (Name that church, Craven Herald, February 11) is the one at the retreat at Scargill.

One of the activities which I used to greatly enjoy around here, until Covid-19 ended it for now, was singing in the excellent chamber choir at South Wilts Grammar School for Girls in Salisbury, which obviously needed to look to pupils' dads, men teachers and some boys from the boys' grammar school in Salisbury, for its tenors and basses.

For many years, the accompanist at rehearsals was a woman called Helen Timperley, on the teaching staff at the school. Chatting to her one day, it turned out we both had Craven connections. I worked for Craven District Council for 14 years, from its inception in 1974 to 1988; my wife is Skipton born and raised, her mum, Stella Taylor, having run the Craven Cafe in Otley Street.

Helen, it transpired, lived at Scargill for a while and attended one of the local primary schools, as her father was, I think, possibly in charge of it.

Small world!

Richard Tulloch

South Wiltshire