IT is shameful that Craven District Council is to be abolished by central government without the local electors ever being consulted at the ballot box about whether that is what they want.

Someone in Whitehall clearly thought that focusing massive amounts of local energy on a wasteful re-organisation was a good idea.

Running a sham consultation on which of two bad options invited local groups prefer is a poor way of finding out whether local people agree.

It is no substitute for genuine democracy.

It will be claimed by some that this re-organisation will produce massive efficiency savings. We've all heard promises like that before.

The chaos of the re-organisation is certain to last for at least two years.

The savings are highly likely to prove to be wishful thinking.

If we are to be forced to choose between two bad options then the model that puts Craven into the Western half of North Yorkshire is the best way forward.

It is important the local representatives are known in their community and this means that we need small wards where local people stand a chance of knowing their councillor personally.

It is also important to point out that local elections need to be run on the basis of proportional representation to be truly fair.

The London Assembly model works on that basis - why is that OK for London, Scottish and Northern Irish voters but not OK for local people here?

Cllr Andy Brown

Green Party