I ENTIRELY agree with Julian Hilde with respect to the Kildwick crossing being a bottleneck (Craven Herald letters, February 25).

Where we part company is on the effect on Skipton-Colne line.

There have been plans to seek a solution to this problem of the Kildwick crossing over the last 20 years to my knowledge, and probably many years prior to that.

The county councils and other bodies have been dancing round this for years.

It looks like some old fashioned Morris Dance. They dance in. They waste a lot of money on a study. Then they dance out again.

However, this is not directly relevant to Skipton-Colne. This is a problem that should have been fixed years ago, and needs fixing now, whether Skipton-Colne is built or not.

We have been long afflicted by people trying to dump the cost of long-standing problems on us. We have enough with government bodies, please don't add to it.

In terms of our plans, they do not involve any extra passenger trains at

Kildwick, as we are simply extending the existing service by 12 miles.

Freight is not predictable.

One thing I will predict is that if we do get a lot more traffic, the powers that be will be forced to find solution.

David Walsh