With regard to recent letters and articles about the former Yi Din Haw restaurant at the old town hall building, in Skipton.

My story starts in the Far East (Korea). I was serving on board HMS Belfast during the Korean war in 1952. We were sailing off north west Korea when we were hit by enemy fire from a shore battery. The ship was hit on the starboard side forward. The shell landed in the Chinese mess deck. Our officers had Chinese cooks and stewards who were all in the Royal Navy.

A leading steward was killed in his hammock - scalded to death when a steam pipe was fractured. Also on the mess deck was a cook named Kam Moon Leung.

Many years later whilst speaking to Mrs Lee, who was the the wife of the Yi Din Haw restaurant owner, she told me that one of the cooks who worked in the restaurant had been in the Royal Navy in the Far East. He was in fact Kam Moon Leung, my old shipmate who sadly is no longer with us.

It's a small world.

Sam Bottomley

Sharpaw Avenue