WITH reference to 'Parish councils group against speeding motorcyclists in the Dales', (Craven Herald letters). Non bikers do find bikes to be very quick when observing them from the roadside, it's to some extent a product of the size of the bike in relation to its apparent speed, and the noise of some bikes.

We all know that some of the bikers do go more quickly than perhaps they should - this often happens just the same with some car drivers but they tend to be less remarkable.

I would think that just as important as this speeding issue are the following:

* Not stopping at red traffic lights

* Not using indicators

* Driving while using mobile phones

* Driving while consuming a cup of something - perhaps coffee

* Driving while under the influence of drink and/or drugs

* Driving without a licence, road tax, MOT

* Antics concerning so called 'sleeping policemen' - swerving round them, braking suddenly on the approach to them, ignoring them altogether and speeding over them as well as the pollution caused by some who slow down and then have to accelerate after this obstacle.

Where I live there are a couple of these sleeping policemen which are positioned next to corners and so dangerous to motorbikes wishing to turn at the corner.

These are very dangerous occurrences but they are not so quickly and easily noticed as a noisy motorbike.

We are told speed is dangerous and I am sure used incorrectly that is true but if these people in the dales and the police really are interested in road safety then these items need to be addressed as well, but when did you last hear in the Dales of an effort to tackle all these possible offences?

On a percentage scale, I would think that they could improve road safety by a far higher figure than just tackling one group - because that group is very noticeable.

As a final comment, I know some people are frightened of motorbikes - they can be quick, noisy, difficult initially to control, and it is easy to lose control if the bike is not treated in a properly safe and controlled way - I know this because I spent 45 years training motorcyclists for Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) to test standard and to advanced standard.

Perhaps some of the residents in the dales would like to consider these other safety points as well.

Geoff Dutton

Hawk Green,

Marple. Cheshire