HERE'S an idea. Scrap this school year, certainly for years 10, 11 and 13. Write it off and use the remaining weeks as a unique opportunity to introduce the students to something off curriculum.

I suggest, as a few of doubtless many topics, Philosophy, History of Art, Social media and the art of debate, Mythology and the Classics, Jazz, The History of the Indian Sub-continent / Australia / S America, Practical Life Economics.

Students wouldn’t be examined or tested, it would still be educational, it should be interesting, and it would remove all their justified public exam worries at a stroke.

Of course, these youngsters would be a year “late” in their exams, their university entry and graduation and their entry into employment, and arrive a year “later” at pension age. I expect I’m missing something obvious but wouldn’t it actually be beneficial to mature by a year before embarking on these things?

Allan Friswell