COUNCILLOR Richard Foster is right to encourage Craven residents to take part in the Government’s consultation on local government re-organisation, and you were right in publicising (Craven Herald,March 4) his appeal to that effect.

Although Cllr Foster’s appeal has been mentioned in your columns previously, this is the first time that he (or you) have provided information on how your readers meet his request.

Unfortunately, the government’s consultation paper is hard both to locate and, once located, to understand.

Details relating to North Yorkshire are enmeshed in a tangle of information about Cumbria and Somerset, and the questions asked are ill-thought-out.

Perhaps you and Cllr Foster could combine to provide clearer guidance?

David W. Phillipson


Note - the consultation was only launched on February 22 and is being run by central government. To take part in the consultation go to: