THE piece in Craven Diary (Ermysted's annual cross country event, March 11) can be expanded.

In the 1920's (if not ever since) the sports winners at Ermysted's were given an inscribed bronze medal.

My late father in law, George Mason won the half mile in 1922 and I have the medal along with a good photo of the large 'field' of runners scrambling down Park Hill.

George went on to become a governor of the girls school and later the boys school.

On a more personal note, Roger Ingham may be 'Mr Sport' to the readers, but he was first noted as a singer!

We were both in the same class at Parish Church School and in the Parish Church choir together for a few years, along with his elder brother David. Whilst looking angelic in cassock and surplice, Roger could create havoc, causing the choir master, Norman Mosley from Steeton apoplexy. Wednesday night practices were joined by the 'men' including George Dean, little Harold and Mr Scott. Boys were released by Norman at perhaps 8.30pm and I had to run the gauntlet back to West Bank Road without stopping to speak to 'Holy Joe'.

We all knew Joe and he never hurt anyone, but insisted upon prayers and a soul saving sermon, upon meeting anyone in the street. As we got older, we knew to ignore him and not to stop.

Finally, I think your doing a super job of keeping the paper going in the double whammy of Covid and increasing electric media. The CH is streets ahead of the other publication to which I subscribe.

Thank you for your efforts.

John Pallister.

Bolton by Bowland.