Would it be possible to run an article on first aid?

Just about every week someone falls on the setts or uneven surfaces in Skipton and after observing an incident recently I think we all need a few rules before someone is seriously hurt due to well-meaning 'helpers'.

Waiting at the lights in the high street a very elderly lady fell. She remained very still for a minute or so in which time I got out of the car and two other people arrived. She was very confused when another man arrived and tried to puller her up - a real no-no.

We said we need an ambulance and keep her still whereas the last-to-arrive man told us he was a mountain rescue-trained first aider and what he was doing was correct.

I explained I was ex police and our training was not what he was doing so I left. It has worred me ever since as my 'rescue' would have been keep her where she was, cover her over as it was bitterly cold, keep talking to her and call an ambulance especially as she had either been knocked out or at least had hit her head and was confused.

Maybe the rules have changed and I am terribly out of date, but to be sure could you please give us all some idea of the right thing to do before someone is further injured due to a well-meaning first aider.

Ann Brandon