THE recent photograph in the Craven Herald of the Carla Beck milk bar, in Skipton, sparked a memory for me of propping up the counter there in the mid-Sixties on my way home from the auction mart.

The door burst open and a bunch of youths with long hair and wearing scruffy Afghan coats entered, to the amazement and slight apprehension of the regular clientele.

They didn't stay long. Perhaps they hadn't realised it really was a milk bar and when they left I followed them to the door to see them getting into a battered and graffiti-covered van with the name of the band, for such they were, on the side - 'The Rolling Stones'.

Consulting Bill Wyman's encyclopedic book 'Rolling with the Stones', I think it would be October 8 when they were playing at Stockton-in-Tees, or October 9, 1965 when they were at Leeds.

What a pity they didn't get them to play at the Clifford Hall whilst they were passing through!

Alan Stockdale