THE Prime Minister promised on the steps of Downing Street when taking office that the Tories would fix the crisis in social care once and for all.

He said that he had a clear plan that was already prepared.

We have yet to hear what the plan is and when it will be put into effect.

On March 24, he was quizzed by Liaison Committee and he said that proposals would be brought forward in the coming year. At the last election Tories pledged cross party talks that have not happened.

The subject of social care comes up over and over again, as it should, and the Government cannot delay discussions any longer.

Cross party talks will undoubtedly be difficult, and reform of social care is very unlikely to succeed without them, but that is no reason to not hold them.

These talks cannot be delayed any longer.

Covid 19 has emphasised that delay is dangerous and not worthy of a nation if it wants to call itself civilised.

This begs the question of how this should be funded, and there are two choices; private insurance, which rules out those who cannot afford it, or funding based on fair taxation, which really is a measure of how civilised we are.

Valerie Rose,

Linton, Skipton.