It was great to see a '70s photo of the gift shop and Silvio's on Skipton High Street in your paper several weeks ago. As I read the article, a familiar name jumped out at me - Betty Phillip, my former employer.

Hers was a name of some standing in the late '50s and '60s, synonymous with top class hairstyling. Lots of Skiptonians and many in the district will remember with nostalgia her thriving salon at No.1 High Street.

I felt privileged to be one of 'Betty's girl's in the early '60s. Not only were we trained to a high standard, we also learned many life skills. Instilled in us was respect and commitment - to the job and to each other - tolerance, carefulness and kindness, and we had heaps of fun through it all.

Sometimes a call would come through from the Devonshire Arms, at Bolton Abbey, for a stylist to do the hair of one of the VIPs who regularly stayed there. This was exciting and a brief foray into a sophisticated and glamorous world.

At Christmas, Betty would give us a party and upmarket gifts, as she showed her appreciation of our hard work. Speaking personally - and for others I'm sure - they were good years.

Thank you Betty Phillip.

Pamela Peters