Thank you for publishing the article by Stuart Minting highlighting the lack of bus services in North Yorkshire (Craven Herald March 30).

The most glaring example of the problem in our area is the absence of a service between Skipton and Harrogate. What kind of transport system do we have that allows important neighbouring towns to be disconnected by public transport?

The report quotes Bill Bracknell telling the inquiry how bus transport is a human right. Residents across North Yorkshire without cars will understand this; the isolation and denial of job opportunities that go with being treated as second class citizens. However, it is what we voted for. We consistently vote for the Conservatives and we all know what they think of bus transport.

The complacent response reported from North Yorkshire County Council illustrates this. They don't really care.

It is also the case that if we are going to reduce carbon emissions we need to improve public transport and reduce car use. Instead of supporting this the Tories are planning to build more roads. They don't really care about our children's future either.

The devolution proposals do offer a glimmer of hope. There could be extra money for transport. But we are going to have to make sure it goes in the right place. The simplest way to do this is to have our bus services under public control and ownership so we, the taxpayer, receive the benefit of the service and have democratic control on how it is run.

It's telling, isn't it? At the last general election Labour proposed improving buses along with football fans having more say in their clubs and improving rural broadband. If only we had known.

Lee Hall